Preclinical solutions

The preclinical department of Artialis delivers GLP and non-GLP studies to support clinical trials with any novel agent such as drugs, ATMP (TEP, CBMP, GTMP), and medical devices.

The non-clinical development phase, including pharmacology, safety pharmacology, and toxicology studies, is a critical step for drug development (IMPD, IND).

At Artialis, we have infrastructures to perform your in vitro and in vivo studies related to your non-clinical package with a dedicated management system (ISO9001 certified) and using a broad array of technical and scientific skills. The preclinical department of Artialis performs pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, toxicity, local tolerance, and biocompatibility studies in healthy or various disease models.

Our preclinical team, expert in the development and management of non-clinical studies, helps you to optimize a study protocol adapted to your needs and to collect maximum of safety and pharmacodynamic data to support and improve your product development, accelerating its transition to the clinical phase.

To date, more than 50 Non-clinical studies (in vivo and in vitro) have been performed and no major deviations or issues have compromised any studies.

Artialis’ preclinical services are detailed below by clicking on each icon.

For more information, contact the head of the preclinical department, Dr. Sandra Pietri :

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